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TRE offers custom in-house nitrous installations. Either on your new or used TRE intake, your existing intake or have it added to your TRE race engine.

We can configure your system with up to 4 systems on an intake manifold. We offer many different components for your nitrous needs such as burst panels installed, custom linkage for your nitrous intakes and an internal plenum nitrous system.

Ask about the new Softline kits with billet brackets, billet shower heads and stainless nozzles!

Ultimate Nitrous System

The new TRE built extreme performance systems. Developed for the racer trying to edge on his competition. Call for prices.

  • TRE's new softline kits with billet brackets, billet shower heads and stainless nozzles provide the ultimate nitrous system for your engine from 150-350hp. Starting at $995.
  • NOS annular Pro Mod system installed on your manifold for $995 including CNC annular bungs installed with system.
  • NOS soft plume or Bnozzles standard style 90-degree nozzle system installed for $950 includes installing bungs for each system. Comes ready to run with recommended TRE tune ups!
High Volume Nitrous Burst Panel

TRE's billet high volume nitrous burst panels are a must on any nitrous car to protect your engine and racecar. Starting at $99.

TRE Softline Kit

TRE's new Sofline Kit installed.

Scorpion Sting Plenum

The new TRE installed "Scorpion sting" plenum bar setup. For the ultimate addition to your nitrous system. The "Scorpion sting" plenum bar, precisely placed at the mouth of the intake runners for optimum atomization. Costs start at $2000 complete race ready installed.

TRE Plenum Bar

The TRE plenum bar has turned down Hex bars for max air flow also the exclusive one-piece bar design is a forging made exclusively for TRE as all other systems on the market are welded two-piece designs.

Nitrous Flow

TRE is now offering there in house digital nitrous flowing to any interested customers. In the past used primarily to tune in TRE's own customers nitrous engines, a service now available to anyone. TRE also one of the few engine shops offering full nitrous dyno testing with carbs or EFI. Call TRE for details.

TRE Water Injection

TRE now has their own water injection kits in stock and taking orders, cool down your nitrous combos and make pass after pass. We offer the finest billet bottle on the market today. Kit is complete and ready to install; we can install on your intake or you can also install these kits at home. Buy from an engine builder who sells, installs and most importantly runs and tunes these kits. Call for more info today!

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