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TRE (Texas Racing Engines) was founded in 1987 by Jack Lastor to build high end engines for drag racing, circle track, pulling and street machines. Also, to offer racing components made by TRE to the racing industry, ported cylinder heads, cylinder head/manifold packages and modified racing carburetors. Jack had already enjoyed great success in the performance world owning a very successful mail order company called USA Performance Centers INC dating back to the 1970's. Jack's son Taylor, started to work in the shop at age 16 running the engine dyno after going to dyno school in 1990, also welding intakes and assembling engines. Intakes and carbs hand built by Taylor won NHRA races all the way back to 1992.


Jack was the first guy locally and in Texas to play with nitrous on a car back in the early 70's. People then said it would never work. Since those days TRE has been very involved with the nitrous industry, building thousands of nitrous engines and installing nitrous on countless engines.

Nitrous Combinations
Turbo Charged EFI
Blown Pro Mod
Truck Pulling

Since the late 1990's Taylor has ran the entire TRE operation and served as the company President. TRE has built a countless number of engines, intakes and carburetors since opening the doors. Always engineering something new and innovative, for the racer and industry.

From 1999-2003 TRE and Taylor ran the NHRA Pro Stock Truck class. In its final year Taylor Finished in the top five for final points and also won two races.

While racing the truck class and building and maintaining countless engines TRE developed many parts and ideas still used today to make more horsepower.

In 2004 Taylor drove and served as crew chief on the team Dart heads car to many round wins and also three semi–final appearances in NHRA Pro Stock. During the two years stint racing with Dick Maskin Taylor and TRE did countless hours of Pro Stock R&D.

Mark Buehring Top Sportsman Winner

Taylor also has served as crew chief on five separate NHRA Pro Stock teams honing chassis and on track tuning skills. TRE developed many ideas and parts for Pro Stock engines that proved to help customers performances in every class TRE builds engines for.

In 2005 TRE made the move to Tennessee, to be closer to the action and its customer base. Also, to be in the heart of outlaw 10.5 racing which was growing part of TRE. Now officially the name is TRE Inc. to maintain its original name and brand recognition.

In 2006 TRE, began another program, a in house R&D; dyno program for the blown Pro Mods. Taylor and the TRE crew decided to set out to run Pro Mod in IHRA/NHRA, with Pro Mod making a huge push to be the biggest and toughest class to run in.

TRE Engine

The first race out after much R&D, Taylor qualified their new pro mod car in the Martin, Michigan IHRA field with over 30 tough pro mods racing. A great start for the newest TRE conquest and they haven't looked back since. Taylor and crew have run 5.90s and set many top speed marks at Pro Mod races with customers running TRE blower combos now all over the world.

TRE has customers all over the entire world running every type of engine imaginable. Australia, Norway, Sweden, Canada, Mexico, Venezuala, and the UAE. In 2007,2008, and 2009 TRE customers won the Australian Pro Stock championships. Back to Back to Back! Setting over 13 national records in three years. A top three finish in 2009 Pro mod points in Europe also. TRE has established itself as a worldwide presence.

Pro Charged Motor

In 2009 TRE moved back to Texas in order to expand their ever–growing business with customers in the NHRA. In the time since the move, Taylor has expanded TRE Inc., to now include a new chassis manufacturing facility, "Lastor Race Cars".

Now also employing the latest CNC cylinder head manufacturing and CNC diamond engine block honing machinery.

TRE is also continuing to expand their custom intake division "TRE Induction" with a new site focused on this important product line. With all three divisions now available to TRE customers and clients we continue to meet the needs of all types of racers.

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